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Under the Leszno sky


Under the Leszno sky

The biggest European airfield of the Polish Aero Club Central Gliding School in Leszno is one of the most convenient places for gliding in the world. Leszno is the only town which has hosted the World Gliding Championships three times (1958, 1968, 2003). Open space on three sides at the 126-hectare grass airfield and the nearby sprawling fields make gliding safe and comfortable. Enthusiasts of flying will find well-qualified staff and excellent equipment here. Other assets of the airfield in Leszno are favourable weather conditions, location making it possible to fly long distances within the borders of Poland and many areas suitable for accidental landings. The airfield also has a hotel and restaurant.

Soaring in the sky

The airfield has an attractive recreational offer. You needn’t be a pilot to admire the views from up above. Anybody can enjoy flying in the glider. The Leszno airfield is the only one in Europe where there are night gliding flights. Enthusiasts of extreme experiences will find many possibilities of spending their free time here. The airfield has several types of gliders, airplanes and hot air balloons.

Every year the Tourist Organization Leszno – Region and the Central Gliding School jointly organize a gliding picnic gathering hundreds of air sports fans.

Welcome to the pilot school

The Central Gliding School has existed for over 50 years and thousands of Polish and foreign pilots have gained or raised their qualifications during courses, training camps and training sessions here.

Many outstanding pilots have polished their skills here:

  • Adam Witek – the first World Gliding Champion in Poland
  • Adela Dankowska – the most outstanding Leszno gliding pilot (15 world records, 41 Polish records, Lilienhtal Medal)
  • Pelagia Majewska – the patron of the Leszno airfield (17 world records, 21 Polish records, Lilienthal Medal)

In the Central Gliding School you can gain:

  • private flying licence
  • glider pilot licence
  • diamonds for golden badges in gliding

The school has a safe airfield, training facilities, experienced lecturers and instructors.

Moreover, the Leszno Aero Club offers the following kinds of training:

  • model-making
  • ballooning
  • powered hang gliding

Polish Aero Club Central Gliding School
address: ul. Szybowników 28
64-100 Leszno
Tel. 65 529 24 0065 529 24 00

Leszno Aero Club
address: ul. Szybowników 28
Tel. 65 529 75 0965 529 75 09

Leszno Gliding Hotel
address: ul. Szybowników 28
64-100 Leszno
Tel./fax 65 529 44 34
Number of accommodation places – 50
Conference hall – 50 people

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