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The Leszno Region has an excellent offer for all enthusiasts of hiking. The incredible beauty of fauna and flora in the area attracts tourists wishing to spend time among nature. Picturesque meadows, beautiful forests, clean lakes constitute perfect conditions for hiking. All those who want to rest from hectic city life and catch a breath of fresh air among scenic landscapes full of different species of plants and animals will surely find many ways of spending their free time here. An additional attraction are historical buildings which are situated along the hiking trails. A network of marked and described trails can be used for hiking as well as Nordic walking.

To the south of Leszno

Marked trails to the south of Leszno run along varied terrains with scenic landscapes. Besides the beauty of nature, you can also admire unique historical buildings. In Pawłowice (1.3) you should visit the classicist palace built for Maksymilian Mielżyński in 1779-1783. In Rokosowo (1) there is a castle built in the 19th century in the romantic Gothic style according to a design by Frederic Stuller for count Józef Mycielski. The castle in Rydzyna (2), which was built at the end of the 17th century on the walls of the Gothic castle from the 15th century, was the home of Stanisław Leszczyński the King of Poland. In Oporowo you should stop to visit the church built in 1640 with walls made from Prussian wall and also the Morawskis’ manor house from the 19th century surrounded by a beautiful landscape park. You should also visit Leszno itself (1,2) where, along the marked trails, you will see the most beautiful Baroque classicist town hall in Wielkopolska, The Holy Cross Church or an oak tree named Bolek which is a monument of nature. Those who wish to spend more time in Leszno may visit the town using the marked trails – “Leszno – the town of many religions” and “Leszno – the private town of the Leszczyńskis and Sułkowskis”.

  • Green trail
    Leszno – Kąkolewo – Pawłowice - Robczysko – Lubonia – Oporówko – Oporowo – Czarkowo – Rokosowo
    Length of the trail: 36 km
  • Blue trail
    Leszno – Nowy Świat forester’s lodge – Rydzyna – Kłoda – Tarnowa Łąka
    Length of the trail: 27 km
  • Blue trail
    Kąkolewo – Pawłowice - Lubonia – Śmiłowo – Poniec
    Length of the trail: 19 km

To the north of Leszno

Hiking trails to the north of Leszno are attractive routes among nature. They run among picturesque meadows, beautiful forests, clean lakes. Enthusiasts of spending their free time among nature will surely find lots of attractions here. You must see the “Lake Święte Lowland Bog” nature reserve (4). The lowland bog with its typical flora is surrounded by sandy ridges overgrown with pinewood forest. There are many interesting species of plants including the insect-eating sundew. Another attraction is a long walk along the Wonieść water body (6.8) whose distance is almost 13km. Its surrounding area are forests, meadows and fields. Up to the present moment the area constitutes a habitat for over 250 species of birds, 140 of which build their nests here. Because of this wealth of species the water body has been recognized as a bird sanctuary unique in the whole of Europe. You’ll experience a different atmosphere by visiting historical buildings which are also situated along the trails. The most significant buildings are post-Cistercian churches – in Przemęt (4), Wieleń (2.3) and Kaszczor (2.3) and the monastery of the Philippine monks on Święta Góra near Gostyń (1) and the Benedictine monastery in Lubiń(7). You should also visit the 18th century palace in Turew (7) and classicist palace in Racot with the State Stud.

  • Yellow trail
    Leszno – Trzebania – Stanisławówka- Grodzisko – Górzno – Bojanice – “Torfowisko Źródliskowe” nature reserve - Gostyń
    Length of the trail: 44 km
  • Blue trail
    Leszno – Klonówiec – Górka Duchowna – Błotkowo forester’s – Smyczyna – Krzycko Wielkie – Jezierzyce Kościelne – Włoszakowice – Ujazdowo – Dominice – Górsko – Olejnica – Wieleń – Kaszczor
    Length of the trail: 63 km
  • Yellow trail
    Lgiń – Radomyśl – Brenno – Wieleń – Kaszczor
    Length of the trail: 10.5 km
  • Black trail
    Olejnica – “Torfowisko nad jez. Świętym” nature reserve - Perkowo - Przemęt –Błotnica
    Length of the trail: 12 km
  • Yellow trail
    Boszkowo (PKP) – Dominice – Starkowo – Boszkowo–village – Charbielin – Grotniki – Włoszakowice
    Length of the trail: 22 km
  • Blue trail
    Kąkolewo- Osieczna - Drzeczkowo – Witosław – Jezierzyce – Wonieść - Wonieść Dam– Racot
    Length of the trail: 30 km
  • Green trail
    Cichowo – Lubiń - Gierłachowo – Kopaszewo – Turew – Dębiec Nowy – Gryżyna – Racot
    Length of the trail: 52 km
  • Black trail
    Wonieść Dam – Stara Przysieka – Bruszczewo – Śmigiel
    Length of the trail: 19 km

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is becoming more and more popular in the region. This sport originated in the Scandinavian countries and is a form of walking using modified ski poles. This activity can be done by all people irrespective of their age or skills. Marching with poles gives you the excellent opportunity to spend time among nature while working on your body. The first trail for Nordic walking in the Leszno region has been marked out in undulating terrain of the wood between Grzybowo and Trzebania. It begins opposite the car park at the municipal cemetery at the zebra crossing. It is marked in blue with a symbol of a figure with poles. After walking for about 500 metres we reach a place where the sign of a blue circle on white background marks the beginning and end of a 5200-metre loop. Intensive march along the trail takes up about 90 minutes.

Educational forest trails

In the land of sundew
Length of the trail: 7.5 km

The trail runs through the Przemęt Landscape Park, one of the most interesting parts of postglacial terrain in Wielkopolska, where you can find over 20 lakes covering the total surface area of 344 hectares. Most of them lie among meadows and peat bogs and they are partially surrounded by woods. We begin the tour in Olejnica where the trail running along the shore of lake Olejnickie and lake Radomierskie begins and ends. Its length is 7.5 km and the most interesting places are marked with 11 big information boards and many smaller boards describing different species of trees and bushes. Entrance to the trail is marked with a board about general information and map of the trail and the whole route is marked with yellow arrows on trees.

Karczma Borowa
Life in the wood from up close
Length of the trail: 9.5 km

The tour begins and ends in the area of Karczma Borowa. The length of the trail is 9.5 km. It is possible, however, to adapt it to your own abilities and shorten it to 5.3 km or 2.6 km. Along the trail there are 13 spots with description of several species of trees and bushes. Additionally, there are four rest area equipped with benches and tables. Children can have fun in the playground situated at the beginning of the trail. The trail is marked with white arrows.

Krzyżowiec forester’s lodge – Mścigniew – Krzyżowiec forester’s lodge
Length of the trail: 12 km

The trail runs through two forestry areas - Krzyżowiec and Mścigniew. Along the trail there are five spots with information boards. At the Krzyżowiec forester’s lodge you should see the arboretum, and further on a lime tree, a monument of nature, which is 340 cm in circumference. Half way along the trail, there is a wigwam where you can rest. The trail is marked with green arrows.

The described educational forest trails can be used for walking as well as cycling.

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